Volunteer English Teacher in Border Schools

The volunteer will teach English language in schools that participate in our Border Education Program.

Location: Schools in Tak province, Thailand, and other designated areas along the Thailand-Myanmar border

Support: Accommodation and lunch meals are provided.

Remarks: Placements are unpaid and volunteers have to cover travel, visa and personal insurance costs, and be responsible for processing their own documents for staying in Thailand including extension of any of these documents. A minimum of 1 month commitment is needed on the post.

Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteers agree to the following basic rules:

1. Teach a minimum of 3-5 hours per day (face-to-face class time) during the semester

2. Be well prepared for their classes

3. Complete monthly reports (1-2 pages in length) in a timely manner and send to Program Manager

4. Respect TCR’s code of conduct

5. Respect general rules of conduct and courtesy

Volunteers are required to stay throughout the school semester and can choose to extend their stay subject to satisfactory performance. Recommendation letter and certificate can be requested after the volunteer duties are fulfilled.

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