Statelessness Program

DPP_0050 with contributing photographer

Through this program, TCR collaborates with the Thai government and organizations in the stateless field in order to seek durable solutions and make progress on resolving statelessness in Thailand. It assists the Royal Thai Government with identification, protection, reduction and prevention of stateless persons in Thailand. It cooperates with Stateless Watch Institute of Thailand, Bangkok Clinic, Lawyers Council of Thailand, National Human Rights Commission of Thailand and other governmental/nongovernmental organizations.

TCR has continued to engage all stakeholders on stateless issues in Thailand. In February 2012, it has co-organized a seminar on statelessness called “Experience sharing Thai-Japan to solve legal status problems of stateless/nationality less person” with the International Law Department, Thammasat University, Bangkok Clinic Project, Statelessness Network, Scientific Research (A) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Academicians, government officials and civil society organizations actively participated in the seminar. Currently there are about 300 cases of stateless persons in our program comprising of children and adults in border areas of Thailand.