Border Education Program

Students at Baan Rom Klao 9 School Project (Tak Province)

Students at Baan Rom Klao 4 School Project (Tak Province) where local, stateless, and refugee children study together

The Border Education Program offers opportunities for refugee children living in camps and stateless or hill tribe children near refugee camps to take part in Thailand’s national education system. TCR carries out this strategic program by collaborating with the Thai government in increasing classrooms of local Thai schools near refugee camps in order to enroll refugee and stateless children in the area, as well as offering Thai-curricular classes directly inside refugee camps.

This program was conceived based on the demand from refugee and stateless communities which see the importance of the Thai education system since it is accredited and recognized worldwide, unlike the education system offered in refugee camps which is mostly Karen-based and of which system is not accredited, thus offering no opportunities for further education outside camps. Such a demand is also driven by the importance these communities attach to the Thai language skills because it offers great opportunities for livelihood for their children in the future.

So far, the program is proven to be very well received by the refugee and stateless communities judging from the success of TCR’s pilot project in the Baan Rom Klao school in Tak province which has increased classrooms in the school to serve refugees and stateless children. Based on this model, TCR is planning to expand to other schools along the border. It is also in the process of working with the Tak government and the National Security Council on its initiative to carry out the Thai education system in the camps.