Our work is organized into six program areas:

  1. Advocacy Program

    Advocating for more sustainable national, regional and international public policy reforms related to refugees and stateless persons

  2. Border Education Program

    Offering opportunities for refugee and stateless children to  obtain quality formal education in primary and secondary schools for a better and  sustainable future

  3. Urban Refugee Program

    Seeking alternatives to detention through the Refugee Freedom  Fund and providing assistance with legal status and documentation, health care, education and income generation/livelihood for urban refugees

  4. Statelessness Program

    Assisting the Royal Thai Government and the National Human  Rights Commission in Thailand with identification, protection, reduction and prevention of  Stateless persons

  5. Myanmar Community Livelihood Program

    Acknowledging the current obstacles for a safe and dignified return of refugees to Myanmar, TCR made a commitment to remove the obstacles and lay the foundation for a safe and dignified return of refugees to Myanmar

  6. Capacity Building Program

    Increasing awareness of refugee and statelessness through university programs and short courses issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia